Our adventures started in March 2012 when suddenly our real selves couldn't get to GDITC Girls Day in the Country with all our blog buddies so they made us a present....very thoghtful but it took a turn and now we are celebrities ourselves..........it was decided that we would not go home to roost with our real sleves but continue to travel to random places on random adventures with our blog buddies...........More adventures will be posted here so stay turned.........follow the blog..........see what happens to us............We hope you enjoy our adventure.......you just never know where we may turn up around the blogaverse.......

Friday, April 19, 2013

Where we have been!!!

Aunty Alison took us in her car with her when she left GDITC 2013.


She decided to stop at Chaffey Dam just outside Nundle to take photos.

We decided that we would drive off without Aunty Alison as we have to get all the way to the Gold Coast today. Alison had different ideas. She decided to visit Bec from Oh Sewbusy for a week.
We got to Bec's farm and the kids decided we had to go fishing in the dam. It was fun but we didn't catch any fish.
We also had to go bike riding around the farm. What a great way to see the farm.